Cab & Body Repairs

At CAS Truck and Trailer we make use of the latest JOSAM systems.

Our cab bench consists of a rigid base with push and pull towers. By repairing accident damage instead of buying new parts, we are able to keep the costs down for all our customers.

Preparation Bays

CAS Truck and Trailer is equipped with the top of the range 6m x 18m preparation bays that can accommodate truck cabs, trucks and trailers.

The preparation bays are a dual bay system that is equipped with roof and front extraction fans, as well as magnetized curtain separators.

chassis straightening & repairs

At CAS Truck and Trailer we make use of the latest JOSAM i-press straightening equipment.

The system consists of three complete straightening units each mounted on wheels and with accessories.

We also have the other JOSAM straightening tools such as the 40 tonne C-clamps and hydraulics.

The JOSAM i-press has a unique capacity. The three multi-functional straightening units work in X-,Y- and Z- directions and can press and withstand pressure both in a horizontal and vertical direction. The equipment is ergonomic, easy to handle thus enabling us to do chassis straightening in a efficient manner.

Because the JOSAM system is made of light aluminium alloys it makes the installation and handling easier which also allows for minimal setup time.

A great advantage is that the press trolleys can be used in confined spaces. Presses and other tools are anchored to I-beams which can be custom designed to any size or situation.

The JOSAM alignment system is founded on the principle of l-beams cast in the workshop floor thus maximising working area for straightening heavy and light trucks, trailers and buses. Presses and other tools are easily anchored to the floor rails, enabling both horizontal and vertical repairs to be carried out.

The JOSAM i-press is optimal for use on a floor surface area of approximately 4 X 14 meters. The system is flexible and if the facility is longer than 14 meters, the workplace can simply be prolonged. It is safe to use.

Wheel Alignment

At CAS Truck and Trailer we make use of the latest JOSAM wheel alignment – fast, accurate and repeatable wheel alignment for heavy vehicles.

We are able to measure the wheel angles of trucks, coaches, semi-trailers, full-trailers, mobile cranes and other heavy vehicles. We also check the vehicles chassis or other frame constructions in a simple way.

A properly aligned vehicle can reduce fuel consumption costs by up to 5%. Bad wheel alignment also increases tire wear. A wheel alignment diagnosis gives you the opportunity to plan ahead. With the help of the wheel angle measurements from a diagnosis, necessary adjustments can be made and you can avoid unnecessarily high fuel consumption and tire wear costs.

Induction Heating

The advantage of induction heating compared with an open flame are numerous. Using gas in the workshop is both more dangerous and requires more maintenance than an induction heater.

With an induction heater from JOSAM it minimizes the risks of personal injury and damage to nearby heat sensitive parts/components. With the use of the JH1500 induction heater we are able to execute the most demanding types of heating work.

Heat is applied directly to the material without the need to disassemble nearby heat sensitive components. Chassis, axles, joint reinforcements, bolts, clamping rings, pins and heavier steel parts can simply be heated up for loosening.

Spray Booth

At CAS Truck and Trailer we make use of the top of the range spray booth equipment.

The spray booth is equipped with 2 Rielo Diesel burners. The lighting system is comprised of LED lighting both side and roof mounted. The main door is a motorized roller shutter door. The spray booth is equipped with filters on the roof as well as on the sides which allows for better filtration and ultimately ensures quality spray work on every application.

Press & Riveting Clamps (10 - 40 tons)

At CAS Truck and Trailer we make use of the JOSAM C-clamp for pressing and riveting. The various clamps are well-suited for repair and bodywork on heavy vehicles. We have the full range of C-clamps on hand from the 10 ton C-clamp for minor local deformations up to 40 ton C-clamp that can be used for both pressing and riveting.


Easily straightens local deformations in confined areas. The damage can be reached without dismounting.


For pressing and riveting. 20 ton press force where yokes and press heads support over pressure of frame rails. The frame is effectively straightened by our frame flange kit. Riveting can be performed with up to 13 mm (≈1/2”) rivets.


For pressing and straightening of deformed frame rails. The press version is equipped with two different yokes with support and press heads. This allows to over press the frame until it reaches its final form.


For vertical straightening, our vertical presses are used. The equipment is operated with JOSAM hydraulic pumps.